One music player shared among a group of friends. Connect with your friends over the internet to listen to music together as if you were in the same room.

TogetherTunes is free to use, and always will be, but requires a account to use.


Download for macOS
Download for Windows
Download JAR (cross-platform)

Java 17 is required to run TogetherTunes.

TogetherTunes is untested on Linux, and may or may not work on Linux. No official support is available for Linux users.

Known Issues

Information does not store any of your song files. All songs you add to TogetherTunes is stored on your computer and transferred directly to your friends when the song plays.

By installing TogetherTunes, you agree that may automatically download and install updates to TogetherTunes on your computer when new updates are released. You will not be able to opt out of these mandatory updates.

A account is required to use TogetherTunes.

TogetherTunes requires a router that provides a Cone NAT while running in IPv4 mode. Generally home routers provide a Cone NAT, but enterprise routers in a school or large office will very likely provide a Symmetric NAT that is not supported by TogetherTunes.

TogetherTunes may work over IPv6 but IPv6 mode is not officially supported at this time, and it will use IPv4 if both are available. This is due to the fact that quite a few places in our world do not support IPv6 yet, even though it's 2021 and ISPs have had years to get their upgrades done. While most if not all ISPs in United States and Canada already have IPv6 up and running, most Asian and European countries are behind. Technicians at one of Hong Kong's biggest ISPs don't even know what IPv6 is. *facepalm* Sad times. When we do reach the point that everyone is on IPv6 though, I will turn on full IPv6 for TogetherTunes and the type of NAT you have won't matter because that's mainly an IPv4 thing.

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